Temporary Mail and Other Safety Measures and Potential Threats

1. Encrypt information which is important. Sensitive information such as bank accounts or details about the employees should definitely be encrypted. This is the information that hackers are usually looking for. Data encryption should definitely be used for your cloud-based services as well as for the email platforms that you use.
2. Educate your employees. The truth is that the majority of attacks would tend to happen because of shady connections to different Wi-Fi networks. Make sure that your employees realize the threat and prevent them from doing so. It is usually advisable for you to use a local cable connection as it’s hard to penetrate, but if you do use Wi-Fi, you should disable the SSID broadcasting function and avoid using WEP networks.
3. Secure your hardware. Just make sure that your hardware is safely stored. Basic security measures are more than enough – locked rooms or CCTV – or both.

Keep in mind that your email is the primary entry point for the majority of the threats, including those listed below. With this in mind, using a temporary email box is not only convenient – it’s also rather mandatory if you want to stay safe in this challenging environment.
Hire an Expert
This is absolutely important. There are a lot of major corporations which have specialized in different aspects of cyber security. From comprehensive penetration testing to overall check-ups, companies of the kind are going to provide you with massive value.
What the majority of business owners tend to forget is that they could also be breaching intellectual property of someone else. An expert outside audit could help you identify weak points and make sure that everything is handled perfectly and as per the current legislative standards.
Even if there are no pending claims against your company, this doesn’t mean that there won’t be any for the future. Making sure that you are legally protected is also something that you need to take into account. As we mentioned above, the Internet is a particularly vast area and you need to ensure that you are perfectly secured in all possible means. Hackers are a threat but so are pending lawsuits.
Cyber Squatting – A Growing Threat
The rapid advancement of Internet technologies is absolutely undoubted and unquestionable. However, what a lot of people fail to comprehend is that this is also something which leaves the door open for a lot of cyber related crime. What is more, with the quick advent of technologies, malicious wrong doers are finding newer, more comprehensive and increasingly dangerous ways to damage your online identity. One such threat is the so-called cyber squatting.
What is Cyber Squatting?
Cyber squatting is a growing threat to all those who have managed to successfully register a legitimate domain name for their own business. Basically it is the act of registering, trafficking and using a domain name with bad faith intend of causing harm or benefiting on behalf of someone else. The most common technique that the cyber squatters would use is to register a domain name with a very similar spelling or with a different extension. This is the process of typo squatting.
In order to ensure that everything is handled perfectly, you need to exercise a combination of protective measures from general awareness to temporary emails and others of the kind.